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Aug 19

UPDATED (8th of Apr 2009) : SQLite Administrator is a great tool but now you can try the SQLite Sorcerer, which became my favorite tool as I developed it by myself.


When I started working on AIR and its SQLite database API, I immediately searched a tool to manage my databases : create, modify, view data, create queries, test… After a bunch of tries, I’ve found what I think the best free one : SQLite Administrator.

SQLite Administrator is a free tool edited by Orbmu2k.

My needs are simple :

  • create a database from scratch
  • create and modify tables
    • view data that are inserted from the AIR application
    • modify them on the fly
  • create and modify fields on the fly
  • build queries
  • generate SQL code for copy / paste in my code
  • a free tool


    SQLite administrator screenshot

Everything of this is available in SQLite Administrator for free plus a SQL code completion feature that really ease the work on queries.

But SQLite Administrator is not the perfect tool (see commercial tool maybe for that   ;-) ) :

  • it’s window only
  • export capabilities are quite limited from my own point of view
  • as I’m not a SQL maestro, I would  like query tool having graphical querying capabilites (Access-like… I know, shame on me but I’m lazy)
  • a database comparison feature would be great.

So if you’re just like me, needing an external tool to manage or test your Sqlite database, freely, outside of the AIR API, just have a look on SQLite Administrator.

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