A new AIR admin tool for SQLite databases is coming Back online
Apr 07

I am proud to publish today the first public version of the SQLite Sorcerer, a new administration tool for SQLite databases, written in Flex 3 for Adobe AIR.

OK, this is one more SQLite administration tool, you probably already use one. And me too (before…). But this one is made in Flex, runs on AIR and has great features that are not so common.

As said on my previous post, I started my work on the SQLite Sorcerer because I needed to compare 2 SQLite db. You can find a few tools doing this of course… but not in Flex.

In February I decided to turn my little application into a little admin tool. In the same month, but after lots of work on my application, I discovered LITA, that is already a SQLite admin tool running on AIR. LITA has great features (encryption, forms to edit data, export), is simple to use but I decided to go further with my tool that responded to my own use and needs and the way I prefer to work with a SQLite database. I also consider the SQLite Sorcerer as a real challenge for me… so I couldn’t give up ;)

Another great feature of the SQLite Sorcerer is its ability to deal with default values of fields. The AIR framework provides properties and methods to get the main caracteristics of fields in a table : name, allow null, unique… but not the default value… or I missed something. So, now, with the SQLite Sorcerer, if you define a date field in a table with CURRENT_DATE as default value, you can change it later with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP very easily…

I feel you can’t wait to try it now … so jump to its page here, you will find with detailed information, screenshots, install badge…

And me, I can’t wait to get your feebacks !

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