SQLiteSorcerer 1.3 is out: filter data and import CSV are your new spells :) Flex GradientComponents Style Explorer: new version available
Jun 29

Here is a new version of the GradientCanvas and the GradientComponents. This new version adds only one new property: the positioning of the gradient. It defines how the gradient will be placed when you use the offsetX and offsetY properties. It can take the following value:

  • "absolute" (default): offsetX and offsetY are absolute, independantly of the component size
  • "percentage": offsetX and offsetY are a percentage of the component size.

The percentage will help you maintain the aspect of the gradient when the component is resized as illustrated above:


On the left, the property positioning is set to "percentage" with a value of 50 (50%). The radial gradient is then maintained on the right side of the component.

Positioning is also available as a style.

The Style Explorer of the GradientCanvas has been updated. The Style Explorer of the GradientComponent will be updated later.


GradientCanvas Download Gradient Canvas Version 2.3

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GradientComponents Download GradientComponents Version 2.3

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