Minor release of SQLite Sorcerer: v1.5.1 Using parenthetical groups of RegExp in the String.replace method
Dec 29

This is now a little more than 1 year that I am working on the SQLite Sorcerer - my posts on multi-statements queries were actually a kind of preliminary study. Then a first release on April 2009, followed by regular releases. I work hard to provide a useful application with a bunch of features and a high level of quality. About the UI, this is just a question of taste and … fun.

Since the release of the version 1.5, I consider to change the way the application is distributed. Actually, I haven’t activated the auto-update feature of the application but it is there till the beginning - just commented - as it was supposed to be an exclusive privilege for donators. But this is really boring for users to uninstall and reinstall a new version to upgrade their favorite ( ;) ) SQLite administration tool. Especially for those working with encrypted databases.

So I decided to activate this feature from now, for everybody. This is my Christmas present (with a few days late) for the few fans of the SQLite Sorcerer ;), to help them have a successful year 2010 with their local SQLite db. If you’re not already a fan, I hope this will help you become a regular user.

Just click the package on the right to get the app.

But there is still a limitation… yes, sorry. The certificate I use to sign the application has its expiry date on june 2010. I am not sure to be able to renew it (I use the offered certificate by Adobe as an AIR application publisher on the AIR marketplace) and I just hope the migration to a self-signed app will encounter no issue.

In the meantime, enjoy the app and don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks and ideas.


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