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May 12

The certificate, that I am using to sign the SQLite Sorcerer, expires soon. I had 2 choices : renew it or not renew it. I opted for the second option for the following reasons:

  • I don’t generate revenues (not enough actually, and I warmly thank again my generous donators) with this app and my blog in general - which is not my aim just a "bonus",
  • I can’t afford a renewal
  • I am not sure that this is the best "strategy" for such a product, which is free and that gets frequent updates (until now but probably less in the future).
  • The migration process has some cons (for both the editor and the users) as you probably know.

So the version 1.5.8 that I released this week will be the version for "migration". It has been signed with both the current certificate (issued by an accredited body) and a self generated certificate. You should then move smoothly to the future unsigned version and then still keep advantages of the auto-update process. That’s why I encourage all users to update their application to the 1.5.8 before the next release (in probably less than 2 months). Nevertheless, I will keep the 1.5.8 version available on demand if anybody encounter any problem during the migration of an older SQLite Sorcerer version.

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