Nov 08

 A new version of Mind2tests is released today.

You can download it at its page

You will need to uninstall your current version a manually remove the previous installation directory.

Here are the changes provided in this version:

  • The plugins have been reintegrated to the core application itself. You will probably have to reconfigure your plugins.
    • The plugin feature was a good idea, technically, but I think it was not as user friendly as expected.
  • Icons (extracted from your mind mapping tool) are now directly available from the Option form to configure the mapping of values of your tools . To use the icons from your mind mapping tool, you must first indicate its installation directory in the Options dialog.
    • This is a great feature as you don’t need anymore to know the name of the icons you use in your maps
  • A default attribute values of nodes can be assigned from the Configuration dialog if no icon is set on a node.
    • So if you define ‘High’ as the default priority value, all requirement nodes with no icon will get the priority ‘High’.
  • A new option allows you to use the ids generated by your mind mapping tool instead of the Mind2tests incremental ids. This is useful when you are used to import map files after some modifications as internal ids won’t change although the Mind2tests identification system depends on the map structure (node order, new nodes inserted between existing nodes).
  • Test results can now be imported. Icons can be configured in the option dialog. A chapter will be added soon to the online help to learn more about using mind maps as a test execution tool.
    • Please note that this feature is limited in Testlink (the currently only supported testing tool) as tests should be imported with their external id which is not done by default. So the feature will be really useful with other testing tool
    • So you won’t take great advantages of the 2 last points at the moment, that why the compatibility should be extended quickly.


Please note that this version is probably the last free version of Mind2tests. I will post something later about that.

Once again, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks or report bugs and other requests.


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Written by Arnaud