Dec 29

This is now a little more than 1 year that I am working on the SQLite Sorcerer - my posts on multi-statements queries were actually a kind of preliminary study. Then a first release on April 2009, followed by regular releases. I work hard to provide a useful application with a bunch of features and a high level of quality. About the UI, this is just a question of taste and … fun.

Since the release of the version 1.5, I consider to change the way the application is distributed. Actually, I haven’t activated the auto-update feature of the application but it is there till the beginning - just commented - as it was supposed to be an exclusive privilege for donators. But this is really boring for users to uninstall and reinstall a new version to upgrade their favorite ( ;) ) SQLite administration tool. Especially for those working with encrypted databases.

So I decided to activate this feature from now, for everybody. This is my Christmas present (with a few days late) for the few fans of the SQLite Sorcerer ;), to help them have a successful year 2010 with their local SQLite db. If you’re not already a fan, I hope this will help you become a regular user.

Just click the package on the right to get the app.

But there is still a limitation… yes, sorry. The certificate I use to sign the application has its expiry date on june 2010. I am not sure to be able to renew it (I use the offered certificate by Adobe as an AIR application publisher on the AIR marketplace) and I just hope the migration to a self-signed app will encounter no issue.

In the meantime, enjoy the app and don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks and ideas.


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Dec 19

Yesterday, I released a minor version of SQLite Sorcerer. It fixes a bug on the "Copy" feature and slightly enhances the import feature (you can now edit and delete loaded data).

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Nov 22
  1. Main Worflow
  2. User Interface
  3. Settings
  4. Defining your mind map
  5. Using icons
  6. Editing the conversion results
  7. Saving to files
  8. How is generated the id of an item ?


Video tutorials

  1. Configuring the plugins
  2. Defining a map of requirements
  3. Defining the structure of tests
  4. Defining a test suite in a mind map
  5. Converting tests


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Nov 18

Description Features Compability Download Online help Release Notes



Mind2Tests is an application developped for the Adobe AIR runtime. Its goal is double:

  1. to facilitate and accelerate the definition of project/product requirements and tests - mainly functional tests - using the mind-mapping technique (and your preferred mind-mapping tool)
  2. to accelerate the feed of your preferred requirement or test management tool by creating the bridge between your mind-mapping tool and your requirement  or test management tool.

To do so, Mind2Tests converts mind-map files, generated by your own tool, to xml or csv files that can be imported in your requirement/test management tool as requirement specifications or test suites for example. And this, as simply as a drag and drop of files.


Who should/can use Mind2Tests ?

Mind-mapping enthousiats are of course the best candidates, whatever they are software testers or business analysts, product owners or project managers. The formers will be mainly interested in converting mind-maps to test suites, the other will convert the requirements / use cases / user stories of their product or project as a breeze.

And if you have never used mind-mapping, hurry up and download one of the supported tool, the benefits and the applications of this technique are unlimited.


Why you should use Mind2Tests ?

  1. Mind-mapping is a natural, easy and fast way to collect and organize information.
    • Really convenient for quick and efficient requirement definition during a meeting with your users
    • Quick way to collect the acceptance tests from your Product owner or to define the functional tests of a touchy feature with your test team.
  2. Mind2Tests is not a new mind-mapping tool to learn, it just use the files and the capabilities of your preferred tool.
  3. The conversion process works like a breeze, drag, drop, save… and import from your test/requirement management tool.
  4. Mind2Tests can be used in any context: from large organizations with heavy processes to small or medium teams working or not in an Agile mode.
  5. The goal of Mind2Tests is to be compliant, in the future, with many tools (mind-mapping, requirement or tests management)



  • Convert mind map files to xml/csv file by a simple drag and drop from your computer,
  • Convert to requirement specifications, test specifications, test project, test suites or test cases,
    • Nested specifications or suites are allowed.
  • Use your map as support for test execution
    • Convert test results to import them (feature not relevant for all test tools)
    • Define the icons used as passed/failed/blocked test cases
  • Configure the converters corresponding to your tools:
    • Define the structure of test nodes that best suits the way you catch them
    • Select the icons of your mind mapping tool to be converted as priority, types…
    • Maps the values of your requirement / test tool with the icons / values of your maps
  • Edit your requirements or test cases description to format text or add more details,
  • Automatically prefix your requirements, test cases,
  • A online help is available from the application,

Learn more…

A simple recommendation will help !



Mind2Tests is compatible with:

Mind mapping tools Requirements/tests tools
  • Freemind 0.9+
  • XMind 3.2+
  • Testlink 1.8
  • Testlink 1.9+




Download Mind2Tests

Downloaded a total of 642 times

You will also need Adobe AIR to run the application: Get it HERE.


Donations are welcome ! Donate just if you want and if you think this application is really worthwhile for you.


 You can also donate from the application in the About Form

or you can simply flattr me :

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Online help

Have a look on the online help to learn more on Mind2Tests.

The online help contains some video tutorials.




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Oct 30

A new version is now available for download.

It contains lots of changes and improvements including:

  • Renderers: I wanted to provide a new access to features so I decided to insert renderers in DataGrids and Trees.
  • A History feature in the Query Panel

I hope you will like it.


Before installing a new version !!

I remind every SQLite Sorcerer users, that if you used a previous version to encrypt db files, you won’t be able to open them using the strong password. You will have to use the hashed key. This a due to the reinstallation of the application.

So before installing a new version, check your hashed key storage/repository. Then you can reencrypt your db with this new version and update your hashed key repository with the new key.

Only donators, who are able to update the application, can continue to use their strong password to open encrypted db.



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