Mar 05

Since the 2 - 3 last update, SQLite Sorcerer users probably have noticed some regressions. The last one actually is absolutely awful as you couldn’t create tables… shame on me.

I am actually in the process of moving the code to a framework. I have tried MATE as I really appreciated it during the development of Mind2Tests. But the event dispatched by the create table view was not implemented in the LocalEventMap. Big mistake. And not enough tests…

So to avoid future problems, I decided:

  • to use the very new version of FlexMonkey to automate functional testing. Everything can’t be automated with FlexMonkey but of course, this will be much better than manual and incomplete testing. This is absolutely necessary as the whole application is going to be impacted by the new framework ;
  • stop using MATE and try SWIZ instead as I think that MATE is not the easiest solution to migrate existing code because of the Local/EventMaps to implement/maintain. The Mediate metatag seems easier to use in my case.

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Written by Arnaud
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