Jun 16

Just a sort post to announce the availability of the version 1.6 tonight (Paris time). BUT there will be a problem in the update process due to a mistake in the certificate migration used to package the v1.5.8… I really dislike this feature.

So, to install the v1.6, you will have to uninstall the v1.5.8 before. I am really sorry for this especially for users who manipulate encrypted databases and who are used to open db file with their prefered password. Check you have all your hashed keys stored somewhere before uninstalling the current version. You can regenerate them with the v1.6 by reencryption if necessary.

I also remind you that the SQLite Sorcerer is no more signed so don’t be scared (not too much) by the ugly red icons in the install screens.

Now better news, here is the content of the v1.6 that you can download from here:

 * Some options can be set in a new popup form
  - The option of "Edition column position" allows to display data of tables with a large number of columns if set to ‘left’
 * Snippets can be defined in this same new option form. Snippets are pieces of code you can use in the Query Panel to ease your query definitions

Improvements / changes:
 * Small enhancement of the trigger creation dialog
 * The "conflict" column is displayed.
 * You can now check the autoCompact property at db creation.
 * A explain mode can be selected in the Query Panel before executing a query. This seamlessly adds a EXPLAIN or EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN in your query.
 * Only one button to execute queries: single or batch. As a consquence, you should be able to open a sql file and execute it directly whatever it contains (triggers or not especially)
Fixed bugs:
 * Files with wrong extension are no more accepted by the cauldron.
 * Fixed the trigger creation in the Query Panel (as simple or in batch queries).
 * When the sql code of the database is copied and pasted in the Query Panel, it should now be correctly formatted.
 * Fixed a bug preventing the last deleted item to be removed from the Schema.
 * Fixed a bug that locked the Data View after deleting a record.
 * Differences results are back in the detached Query Panel.
 * The ComboBoxes in the trigger and index creation dialog should now be correctly binded.
 * A newly created view should now appear immediately in the Schema tree.
 * You should now be able to define an import mapping with csv file with no header.
 * The displayed structure of a table (field list) shouldn’t be updated after an error.
 * It’s no more possible to open more than 1 query window at a time.



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Written by Arnaud