May 11

 A new version of Mind2Tests is available for download but unfortunately, your installed version won’t be auto updated due to an issue in the AIR updater framework. To install the new version:

  1. uninstall the current version (v1.1)
  2. manually remove the Mind2Tests application folder

New versions of the pluginsare also linked to this new version so I advise to download and install the new version of your preferred plugins (from here).

Just for your information, here is the release note of this v1.2:


  • Issue #5 - HIGH - Convert links to requirement dependencies
  • Issue #23 - MEDIUM - Open sample directory in a native explorer (a folder containing samples files is actually created on your desktop)
  • Issue #27 - HIGH - Allow to use prefixes on either item ids or item titles
  • Issue #30 - MEDIUM - Auto install plugins as mind-mapping or testing tool
  • The layout of the item editor has been reorganized.


  • Fixed an issue occuring after install/uninstall of plugins.


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Written by Arnaud