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The SQLite Sorcerer or Darry BotAIR, for intimates, is a small SQLite administration application running with Adobe AIR™.

The SQLite Sorcerer can help you to perform the main administration tasks on your SQLite database:

  • Database:
    • Create a new database from scratch, autocompacted or not,
    • Compact, analyze / deanalyse a database
    • Encrypt and rencrypt using a password or an existing hashed key: have a look here to learn more on the feature.
    • Quickly open recently used databases
    • Compare the structure of 2 databases !
      • Just open a second database and the comparison is done !
      • The result of the comparison is displayed in a datagrid with details
      • Transfer items between databases
    • Get the whole SQL code of the database.
  • Tables:
    • Create, delete, rename, copy with or without data
    • Edit the structure of a table (use the context menu or double click)
      • Changing all attributes of fields is allowed, including default values
      • Add, delete or rename fields
      • Define conflict clauses
  • Data
    • Add, delete or edit records directly in a data grid
    • Filter data using keyword or regular expression
    • View all data or use chunks to browse table content
    • Empty tables
    • Export data from tables or queries into CVS or TXT files
    • Import data from a CSV or TXT file (taking into account of the character set)
  • Queries
    • Type your sql and check the results
      • Insert field or table names by double click or drag&drop in the SQL text area
      • Define and use snippets to ease your query definition
    • Save your query as a new view
    • Define parameterized queries and execute it for different values
    • Re-execute your queries using the History
    • Import and execute a SQL file
  • Views / Triggers
    • Triggers are created in a handy form
    • Views are created from the Query Panel
  • The SQL code is highlighted.


Detailed features and screenshots:

Click a screenshot in the picture wall to enlarge it. Pass the mouse over the enlarged picture to get some "how to".



 The SQLite Sorcerer is developped in Flex 3 for AIR. Its primary intend is to administrate local SQLite databases for AIR applications but not only, I would like it to be as "compatible" as possible. So don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks or bugs.



SQLite Sorcerer is free of charge. You are free to download it, use it and distribute it. The application will also auto-update each time a new version is published.

Nevertheless,  if you decide to adopt SQLite Sorcerer as your favorite SQLite administration tool, you may want to make a donation. Especially if you are a company that uses this great tool in a commercial project.

How to make a donation ?

You can donate using the following Donation button 

  or using the donation button in the About (Hat) window of the application.

or you can simply flattr me :

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