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Aug 28

The version 1.4 of the SQLite Sorcerer is just released !

Changes and more after the jump.

New :

  • The application now uses my component for notifications, replacing some alerts.
  • The SQLite web site can be reached and browsed from the "About…" popup
    • The start page is the Syntax page. By this way, you can easily get help from the official SQLite site.
    • For example: open and detach the Query Panel, open the SQLite site from the "About" popup in the main window. You can then have a look on the syntax help and on your query in the same time.the creation trigger window
  • The creation form has been so improved for the creation of triggers that this is actually like a new one. (see the screenshot)


  • The popup menu of the Schema tree has been improved: 
    • Added an item to create tables, views or triggers at the folder level,
    • The menus show the name of the selected item instead of ’selected item’,
    • You can create a trigger on a table with a right-click on the table in the tree
  • To create a new view, the application opens the Query Panel (it will be easier to define complex views and check their result)
  • Some transitions effects have been implemented.
  • The original "execute Batch" button has been restored to allow the user to execute either a single query or a serie of statements sperated by a ;

    This button is present in the SQLAdmin of Christophe Coenraets (used as a starting point) but has been dropped in the very beginning of SQLite Sorcerer dev. This button appears to be really necessary for some SQL operations and at the moment, I couldn’t find a smarter way to address these operations.
    So the user has now 2 buttons (which is actually confusing from my point of view).

  •     Execute query : the typed SQL is executed as a whole or a single statement.
  •     Execute batch : execute all statements separated by a ;

     tips :
    - trigger creation : execute query.
    - database creation from a file :
        1- remove trigger creation statements
        2- execute the remaining sql as a batch
        3- execute each trigger creation statement separately as a single query
    - import data from a file : execute a batch.

Fixed bugs/defects:

  • Some minor bugs on the UI,
  • Views can now be copied,
  • Triggers should be now created without error from the native menu of the Schema tree.


The v1.5 is already in the pipe with the use of ItemRenderers instead of using NativeMenus (I have a big big issue with on of them) for examples and probably a more friendly help. This was planned for the v1.4 but I had to fix the 2 huge bugs listed above…

I also plan a migration to the MATE framework but I still don’t know exactly when… v1.6 depending on the content of the v1.5… but the sooner the better.

I hope you will appreciate this version. And once again, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks or bugs. They will be all taken into account whatever you are a donator or not ;).

Go to SQLite Sorcerer’s page.

Have fun.

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