How to get the DEFAULT value and UNIQUE attribute of a field in a SQLite database using AIR The SQLite Sorcerer has appeared today
Feb 10

UPDATE (8th of Apr 2009) : your new AIR admin tool for SQLite local databases is now available here !

There are already lots of good tools to manage SQLite databases (only a few developped in AIR) and I already use a good one (SQLite Administrator). But a few months ago, I had to update an AIR application and it was a real pain because of the change in the SQLite database. I was very lazy and I updated the installed database manually instead of developping a class that could perform the migration of the DB after the update of the application it-self. This was of course a very dirty way of working and I want to be more professional next time (even if the application is for the private use of my wife).

Then, in last December, I decided to start an actionscript class that could:

  • compare 2 SQLite databases (the new version and the old one)
  • generate the SQL statements to be executed for the migration of the installed database.

But 3 weeks ago, I felt that an AIR application that could compare SQLite db was interesting (this feature is not that common in the market of SQLite admin tools) but if the user have to create/edit his databases using another tool, it was not so user-friendly and convenient. As you can understand, I have been victim of gold-plating and now the app can and will do more than only database comparison…

The application is currently entitled "Darry Bot-AIR, the SQLite Sorcerer"… ??? … This comes from "DB" for database, AIR for… what ?  and the idea came after a DVD party at home where the Darry’s big brother, Harry Pot-something, was the heroe… I was NOT drunk and I did NOT smoke so don’t ask more on how and why this name ;o).

OK, what Darry can do for you ? Here are the main features of the tool and some screenshots.

  • Open/creation of database
    • Open a database file by drag and drop from the desktop
  • Management of tables, views, triggers
    • Creation, edition, deletion
    • Table are fully described: even default and unique attributes are extracted and exposed in the UI
    • The SQL is visible and its syntax is highlighted
  • Query Panel (based on the Christophe Coenraets SQL Admin as a starting point to be honest)
    • Code highlighting
    • You can add a field or a table name by double-click or drag and drop from the schema
  • Database comparison
    • The differences are listed in a table


Not implemented at the moment but in the backlog:

  • Difference management: approve/disapprove a difference and then block the generation of the corresponding script.
  • Generation and edition of the migration scripts in the Query Panel
  • Management of indices
  • Data management : edition, deletion and creation
  • Improvements in warning messages (design, sent by the wise Dumbledore)
  • Improvement of focus management
  • Export of data (CSV)
  • Transitions effects
  • New ways of performing admin tasks (using context menus or renderers)
  • Encryption

I also have ideas of future features but their development will mainly depends on the time I have to work on them.

I don’t know exactly how I will distribute it, opened or not, with dedicated website or not… I will see later but it should be free, submitted to donations only and should be remain free if donations are done.

In the meanwhile, I am still working on the Admin features, those that weren’t planned in the very begin of this projet. I will provide a first version as soon as this is done. Comments, questions and suggestions are of course welcome !


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