A Flex DataGrid with a fixed column Minor release of SQLite Sorcerer: v1.5.1
Oct 30

A new version is now available for download.

It contains lots of changes and improvements including:

  • Renderers: I wanted to provide a new access to features so I decided to insert renderers in DataGrids and Trees.
  • A History feature in the Query Panel

I hope you will like it.


Before installing a new version !!

I remind every SQLite Sorcerer users, that if you used a previous version to encrypt db files, you won’t be able to open them using the strong password. You will have to use the hashed key. This a due to the reinstallation of the application.

So before installing a new version, check your hashed key storage/repository. Then you can reencrypt your db with this new version and update your hashed key repository with the new key.

Only donators, who are able to update the application, can continue to use their strong password to open encrypted db.



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