Soon: parameterized queries and transfer between databases Missing patch to ZendAMF…
Sep 26

Here is a great release for the SQLite Sorcerer. It brings lots of important changes including:

  • Parameterized queries: type your query with some @param or :param. They will be recognized and associated to an existing table field. You can then select a value in a combox and execute your query for different values…
  • Item transfer: open 2 databases and transfer tables (with or without data), views, triggers, indices by a simple drag and drop…
  • Drag and drop actions are implemented in the schema tree: you can copy items, create a trigger or an index on a table by drag and dropping it on the correct folder.
  • Cursors will help you determine what actions are possible or not…
  • New options: include or not data during your copy/transfer actions, edit your parameters with a combobox or a simple text field
  • The Query Panel can’t be detached any more, its is now more integrated with other views…
  • Use the CTRL key while dragging an item to edit its SQL definition in the Query Panel.
  • Access to the issue tracker (on  from the About dialog box.

You can have a look on the complete release note in the Release notes section.

Have fun.

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